Company History

Internationally acclaimed racecar engineer, Claude Rouelle, began OptimumG in his home office with the notion of teaching a new outlook on racecar engineering. His approach emphasizes the importance of data acquisition and analysis, first, to better understand the reasons causing certain factors in the vehicle affect the overall outcome, and, second, to be able to make adjustments on physical realities rather than pure experience or intuition.

The company began with small seminars taught worldwide and catered to industry experts and students alike. Additional seminars were given to companies such as Ford, GM, Daimler Chrysler, Goodyear, Michelin, and AP Racing among others. Just as the seminars evolved, OptimumG expanded and began offering consulting services to help race teams, car and tire manufacturers, and other companies enhance their performance.

Gaining experience in training seminars and consulting, OptimumG broadened its services to include software solutions with its initial release of OptimumK–a kinematics software for suspension design and analysis. The idea behind developing OptimumK stemmed from feedback in the seminars and consulting projects–people were looking for a user-friendly interface that answered their questions about their vehicle’s suspension. The first release of OptimumK was in the spring of 2005. With the success of OptimumK, OptimumG started developing a powerful tire modeling software, OptimumT, with distinct capabilities to fit a specific tire to a car or a specific car to a tire. In 2009, OptimumT was released to the public.

In 2011, OptimumG initiated a complete brand overhaul with a new website (launched in early 2012); updated advertisements; and new, more distinct software: OptimumTire (formerly OptimumT), OptimumKinematics (formerly OptimumK), and OptimumDynamics.

In 2012, OptimumG released a free, simplified vehicle dynamics software called OptimumLap, and OptimumKinematics 2.0, the successor to OptimumK 1.1.