Lead Engineers

Claude Rouelle

Claude holds more than 30 years of race engineering experience in F-1, CART, Indy Lites, Formula 3, ALMS, NASCAR, European and Japanese Touring Cars, and Australian V8 Supercars. As an acclaimed international lecturer, Claude teaches Vehicles Dynamics & Data Acquisition Seminars supported by MoTeC worldwide and has conducted more than 300 seminars to date with thousands of satisfied attendees. Additionally, he has taught dozens of in-house engineering seminars for major corporations engaged in motorsports.

Emmanuel Hugon

With a Masters in Automotive Engineering from ESTACA and an extensive background in tire testing, data acquisition, and analysis, Emmanuel has earned his way in this highly competitive industry. He has worked with an assortment of companies from Dunlop to Ford Performance Racing and served as one of the leading developers of OptimumK 1.1.

Kévin Marion

Kevin has played a key roll in the development, testing, and release of OptimumKinematics 2.0. He joined OptimumG with a masters in mechanical engineering from ISMANS. Kevin’s methodical approach to everything he does makes him an essential member and lead of our team.

Gabriel Rodrigues

Gabriel completed his masters degrees in electrical engineering and motorsport engineering at the Technical University of Lisbon in Portugal. His experience with the University of Lisbon SAE team provided him with the motorsports edge to obtain a position at OptimumG. Gabriel currently spends much of the year abroad working on consulting projects with our various clientele.