Developing automotive products is a complex task; the performance of a single sub-system can have a large impact on the overall system performance. Through many years of experience in developing vehicles and vehicle sub-systems, OptimumG has acquired the know-how to efficiently develop solutions for any vehicle dynamics system.

Our deep understanding of vehicle dynamics allows us to take a holistic approach to any project. OptimumG will quickly identify risks and opportunities within each development project and direct resources to areas with the biggest opportunities for gains. This ensures that developed solutions meet or exceed set specifications, while also ensuring we meet time, cost, and regulatory constraints.

Our team of experienced development engineers will work with our clients to effectively transfer that knowledge and experience to your organization. This approach stems from OptimumG’s roots in teaching and training. Rather than just serving as consultants, we are also strive to be teachers. Our teaching strategy will help your organization to become better equipped to tackle similar problems in the future.

No project is too big or too small for OptimumG. Our agile organization can focus resources to solve any problem at hand. We can work with you on location or via our web-based collaboration platforms, and this option allows us to remain on standby for any of your requests and helps keep minimize costs.

We know what it is like to be on a budget, and will work hard to set a scope for each project that will maximize your return. This personalized plan is possible thanks to our highly scalable software, analysis, and testing methodologies.

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Examples of past development projects:

Development of race car chassis and suspension

OptimumG has the capabilities to run complete development projects of vehicles and vehicle sub-systems. One past project included the complete development of a racecar chassis for a client in a very short time frame. Our tasks included project management, vehicle dynamics studies, mechanical design, manufacturing (through sub-contractors), and testing and validation. This car went on to win the championship during its first year.


Development of real-time tire force estimator algorithm

OptimumG was contracted to develop a real-time capable tire force estimation algorithm that was implemented in a on-vehicle measurement system. The algorithm was successfully implemented and validated against measurements.

Development and implementation of automated data acquisition methods

To more efficiently process logged data coming from racecars, OptimumG developed a tool which automatically performs a number of analysis tasks on the data before it’s stored in a database. The system allow engineers to quickly access and review large amounts of data. By automatically highlighting deviations and trends, the tool simplifies the decision-making process for the engineers. As a result of the tool, the customer saw an increase not only in driver and vehicle performance, but also in reliability improvements.

Development of product data database software tool

Information management can be a challenge, so OptimumG developed a tool to help a motorsports customer keep better track of their products and their performance. The tool allowed the customer to track product stock, allocations to customers, and other important parameters through a unified user interface. The tool also allowed all information to be shared worldwide through a secure network. This way, engineers working at different locations would always have the most up-to-date information.