Student Discount

OptimumG offers a competitive software package for student teams competing in Formula SAE, Formula Student and other engineering competitions. The combination of OptimumKinematics for suspension design, OptimumTire for tire analysis and OptimumDynamics for full vehicle analysis gives teams access to a complete tool set of simulation software. Each software comes with full support and training materials, allowing teams to quickly start learning and developing winning designs. OptimumG software are used at over 300 universities worldwide and the number is continuing to grow.

Teams can select any combination of software based on their needs and only pay for what they use. Each license is valid for one year from purchase and can be used on multiple computers.


Any ONE Software Any TWO Software All THREE Software
$295/year $495/year $695/year

Add-on: For $ 50 extra your team can have access to the Forces Module in OptimumKinematics.

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