Custom Software Development

OptimumG has a strong history of creating software programs that help automotive companies and race teams with their vehicle dynamics and data acquisition needs. Rather than sifting through numerous Excel spreadsheets, let OptimumG help you organize your data and formula needs by creating custom software programs for your organization. Send us your problems, we’ll send you a solution.

Please contact us if you are interest in having OptimumG developing a custom software for you.

Example of past projects

Live Timing & Scoring

This program assisted a client in further race strategy and analysis by displaying their data in real time, both graphically and numerically, for pit lane use and later review. Different displays included live timing results, section time, and track position.


Data Analysis Database

Many of our clients need systems that go beyond the basic capabilities of data analysis software and obtain more information about their car and driver. We have developed specific database packages for these teams to store and display “key performance indicators” over a session, an event, a season, or multiple years.

Hardware in the Loop

For those teams that are in need of precise application, hardware in the loop methods can be used to calculate or display live values as they are obtained from a data acquisition system. An example of this is a Tire Force Calculator that calculated forces and moments live based on slip angle sensors and a vehicle model.


Race Management

Stop shuffling through numerous Excel documents, and utilize a software that can organize all of your valuable information from a test or race weekend in a more concise and easy-to-navigate system. Our engineers developed a system that automatically generated reports based on timing and scoring, set-up evolution, data analysis, “key performance indicators”, conditions, and more.

Video Analysis

Using video from a single video camera and official timing results, a software tool was developed to help drivers and engineers understand where performance could be gained without the use of a data logger. Specific laps and sectors from different drivers can easily be compared and synced.