OptimumDynamics Tutorial

To help you get started with OptimumDynamics, these tutorials will walk you through all the steps required to create a vehicle, run a simulation and analyze the results. Each tutorial comes with example project files that are used in the exercises. Want to try out OptimumDynamics, get the free trial.

Tutorial 1: Building a Vehicle Setup

This tutorial covers steps of building a complete vehicle model and how to use the library to create multiple components such as different anti-roll bars.

Tutorial 2: Running a Simulation

In this tutorial you will take the vehicle you built in Tutorial 1 and run some simulations to test different setups. Finally you will import track data and put the car through its paces around the classic track Spa-Francochamps.

Tutorial 3: Analyzing Results

In this tutorial you will get familiar with the different analysis tool built into OptimumDynamics. You will be investigating how different anti-roll bars affect the wheel loads around a full lap.


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