Forces Module

OptimumKinematics Forces Module is a new add-on package that allows you to calculate forces on suspension components.

With OptimumKinematics Forces Module you can:

  • Define input load cases. Simulate the front and rear suspension for any combination of forces and moments, which can be applied either at the contact patch or at wheel centers.
  • Combine force and motion inputs. Simulate forces & moments inputs at any Heave, Roll, Pitch and Steering configuration.
  • Analyze results. Output channels include forces and moments reactions at every suspension pickup point. You can easily export these results as tables, and use them as inputs in FEA software.
  • 3D View. Visualize forces and moments vectors acting at any suspension point in the 3D view panel.
  • Batch run & Design of experiments. All batch run and DOE features that are present in the original version of OptimumKinematics are also enabled for Forces Inputs.