Develop a tire for a car or a car for a tire with OptimumTire (previously OptimumT). Created by vehicle dynamicists at OptimumG, this new software is a powerful tire data visualization and tire modeling tool.

OptimumTire is a convenient and intuitive software package that allows users to perform advanced tire data analysis, visualization, and model fitting. The model fitting procedure is very fast and efficient partially due to
the data processing tools incorporated into the software.With OptimumTire, it takes us 3 days to do the fitting and analysis that used to take us 2 weeks

All aspects of the tire models can be easily compared to the raw tire data to ensure accuracy. OptimumTire also allows adjustment of the tire models if necessary and includes scaling factors. These features ensure that the tire models created will accurately correlate to data collected from the road or race track. These tire models, as well as the processed data, can be exported from OptimumTire to a variety of file formats.

Key Features

  •  Import data from any source in any coordinate system and units
  •  Fit tire models to raw data collect in a lab or on the road
  •  Display tire data and models in 2D & 3D visualizations
  •  Create custom graphs or use predefined templates
  •  Export models for vehicle dynamic simulations
  •  Create automated tire analysis reports by connecting to Excel/MATLAB


Supported Tire Models

  • Pacejka Magic Formula ’89/’94
  • Pacejka Magic Formula ’96
  • Pacejka Magic Formula 2002
  • Pacejka Magic Formula 2002 with pressure effects
  • Pacejka Magic Formula 2006
  • MF5.2
  • MF6.1
  • Fiala
  • Harty
  • Custom tire models (program your own)


To get started with OptimumTire, these tutorials offer a step by step guide to tire data import, visualization and tire model fitting. You can download the tire data used in the tutorial here

Part 1: Importing Data

Part 2: Data Pre-processing

Part 3: Fitting a Model (Cornering)

Part 4: Fitting a Model (Combined)

OptimumTire Overview Video


Learn More

For more information on OptimumTire, please refer to the trial version and tutorials.

You can get OptimumTire Viewer here for the price of $2,495/year until you cancel your subscription. For OptimumTire Standard and Professional contact us to purchase!

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