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OptimumTire Viewer

The Viewer edition allows you to import and export tire data and tire models to create 2D and 3D charts. It is perfect for engineers who are interested in making tire analysis but don’t need to perform tire model fittings.

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OptimumTire Standard

The Standard edition allows you to fit tire models from imported tire data. Users can choose from a list of built-in tire models which include:

  • Fiala, Harty, and Brush
  • Pacejka 96, 2002, 2002 with pressure effects, and 2006
  • MF 5.2, 6.1, and 6.2


OptimumTire Professional

The Professional edition includes all of the Standard edition features, and allows you to create a custom tire model. You can write your own equations and fit a tire model from data.





Import tire data from CSV/ASCII and TYDEX files. x x  x
Process tire data: Crop and collapse features.  x  x x
Import and export tire models as TIR files.  x  x  x
Create 2D and 3D charts of tire models and tire data.  x  x  x
OptimumTire Add-in: Evaluate tire model equations in Excel and Matlab.  x  x  x
Tire model fitting: Create tire models from tire data. Choose from a wide list of built-in tire models.  x  x
Write your own tire model equations and fit a custom model.  x


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