• It is all about horsepower… or is it?

    A vehicle’s performance can be described using many different metrics. The most commonly used is probably engine power. Whether your unit of choice is horsepower, kilowatts or calories per hour, the peak power of an engine is a number most people can relate to. It’s often thought that more engine power yields better performance - but in this article we are going to look at one example in which “more horsepowers” is not necessarily better.

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  • Throttle maps and tire wear

    In our recent article on the need of power in Formula SAE, we briefly looked at the throttle response of a specific engine. Mapping throttle pedal position to engine torque is a powerful tool for many vehicle dynamics engineers. This mapping can be done mechanically through the use of throttle linkages and cams on the throttle bodies. In other cases this mapping is achieved through mapping ...

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  • Suspension kinematics and its effect on performance

    To make a car go faster around a track, there are a couple of things we can do that generally will improve lap times. We can, lower weight, increase engine power, increase downforce, reduce drag, increase tire grip. Unfortunately all these changes typically come with downsides, for example: Lower weight – decreased durability, more expensive materials/processes Increased engine power – increased energy consumption, more difficult to drive More downforce ...

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