• Has video killed data acquisition?

    Video killed the radio star is the title of The Buggles’ hit from 1979, their response to the upswing of music videos. In recent years video based data acquisition systems have become increasingly popular among weekend racers and smaller race teams. Has video killed the traditional data acquisition methods? Last year I had the opportunity to teach data acquisition to a group of automotive engineering students. One of the exercises we did ...

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  • About our Technical Articles

    There are tons of interesting blogs to read, some of them are about politics or fashion. There are even some on bread. The one topic we at OptimumG haven’t found being properly covered anywhere is vehicle dynamics. With our technical articles, we want to create a blog that we want to read ourselves. With a focus on vehicle dynamics, we will share our opinions and knowledge on anything remotely related to that (much in the same ...

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  • Torsional stiffness

    There are many words and expressions commonly used in vehicle dynamics, many of these are very abstract and hard to visualize. One of these words is torsional stiffness. The torsional stiffness of chassis is relevant to help understand how roll stiffness torques from the front and rear axles interact through the chassis. Changing the roll stiffness distribution between axles is a very common way to modify the balance of a vehicle. If the chassis is too ...

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