Software Case Studies

OptimumG engineers are constantly trying to improve their game and want to help improve yours as well. Below, you will find case studies for each of our software packages, which will be updated regularly. Let us know what you think by emailing us at Be sure to also check out our latest technical articles and papers for even more technical vehicle dynamics content.



Kinematic investigation of a generic FSAE car

Kinematic investigation of a generic FSAE car shows the benefits of using OptimumKinematics for the kinematic design of a vehicle.

OptimumKinematics Forces Module – A Case Study

This case study performs a simple demonstration of the Forces Module in OptimumKinematics.

What Order Do Components Break?

Application of factors of safety and peak loading using OptimumKinematics Forces Module.



These case studies show practical examples of how OptimumDynamics can be used to improve the performance of a race car.

Creating an Anti-Roll Bar Database

This case study investigates how different ARB configurations affect the lateral load transfer distribution.

Investigating Aerodynamic Balance

This case study looks at how decisions on ride height, springs and bump rubbers can be made to meet target aerodynamic balance.

Investigating Vehicle Balance

This case study investigates how the motion ratio of a suspension affects the vehicle balance.

Track Study

This case study looks at the performance of a car around a track and identifies a number of issues with the setup and resolves them.



  - Tire Comparison shows how to compare the force and moment characteristics of two different tires

  - Steering Geometry describes how a tire model can be used to design a steering geometry (Ackerman) to maximize tire utilization

  - Tire Data on Track presents how tire models can be used to find improvements in a car setup while on track