When we ask past participants about their thoughts on the seminar, we usually get great reviews. In the past three years, we have had almost one thousand people fill out an evaluation of the seminar. The average score is an remarkable 9.5/10! If you are still not convinced, feel free to take a look what some past participants (from all levels of automotive/motorsports engineering) have said about the seminar.

  • “It would be incomplete to speak about Claude Rouelle’s seminar in just a simple word. The very concrete, rigorous and exhaustive content makes this educational opportunity invaluable for those in the racing car business.”

    Pascal Vasselon, Toyota F1 Technical Director, Michelin F1 Project Manager

  • “Practical and direct advice to efficiently put vehicle dynamics knowledge into action. A useful formation for a learner who wants to discover new principles of analysis or for a theoretician who wants to know how to verify his hypotheses during a test.”

    Eric Fenaux, Test and Development Engineer, PSA Peugeot Citroen

  • “The presentation of concepts in a visual format in addition to examples truly aids in the understanding of vehicle dynamics and helps one to think even further along into complex problems. I really enjoyed my time at the seminar and would recommend to anyone from the top on down to the club racer looking for that slight edge.”

    Matt Beckman

  • “The course effectively starts at the basics, and carries to the more complex use of data acquisition for optimizing race car performance. The seminar utilizes all aspects of vehicle dynamics, which is imperative for achieving peak performance. A definite must for anyone involved in race car set-up!”

    Phil Reia, Damper Technician, DYNAMIC Suspensions

  • “You took an immensely complex subject and broke it down into components that could be assimilated by audience members of various levels of experience. The graphics were well done and easily understood, and the supporting text and real-life examples helped with the comprehension.”

    Ian Macpherson, Technical Director, Vintage Racing Services, Stratford, CT, USA

  • “A complete guide to the practical application of vehicle dynamics in the motor racing environment. Comprehensive notes which tackle the rigorous maths head on, with worked examples. Claude doesn’t gloss over any of the hard issues, but will happily digress to answer even the most difficult questions. Thoroughly worthwhile for any serious race engineer.”

    Ross Holder, Racing Consulting Engineer, Australia

  • “Claude’s experience and endless stories of competition are at the nth degree of suspenseful if you like auto racing and their set-up. This seminar jump-started my hands on engineering interest wholeheartedly.”

    Paul T. Glessner, Aerospace Engineer, USA

  • “As a new participant in auto racing, this class has brought me up to speed in a way no text book is capable of doing. The explanation of vehicle kinematics how to apply data acquisition is excellent. I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to get the most of data acquisition.”

    Garrett Drysdale, Engineer/Driver Formula Mazda, Drysdale Motorsports, USA

Formula SAE/Student testimonials

  • “Excellent seminar – very informative and a true eye-opener. I teach Vehicle Dynamics to university students, thinking a knew a bit about the essentials of VD – I was wrong! Learned a huge amount of things during the course!”

    Nicolas Tygesen, Faculty Advisor, Vehicle Dynamics Teacher, Indianapolis, USA

  • “The combination of the presentation, examples and stories made the seminar unique and I learned far more than just vehicle dynamics.”

    Christian Paul, Joanneum Racing, Graz, Austria

  • “The seminar was brilliant. I have spent many hours trying to understand the material on texts such as Milliken and Millken and Tune to win by Carroll Smith. I feel through these texts I was developing a sound understanding of vehicle dynamics and car design. However, attending Optimum G seminar has allowed me to link each aspect together which will allow me to design a complete package in future years”

    Craig Innes, University of Wollongong, Australia

  • “This was the most i have ever learned in three days largely attributed to the intense content and Claude’s teaching style.”

    Steve Lundy, Edith Cowan University Racing, Australia

  • “This seminar certainly was the best of all the seminars i have attended till date. There are many good seminars on the same syllabus but Claude surely makes this seminar outstanding by adding the right vibrancy to it.”

    Shivam Kranti, Team Pravega, India

  • “Although the seminar is intense in terms of hours and amount of content, Claude made a very good job at keeping everybody interested and listening to what he had to say. The many practical examples used to explain most subjects helped a lot my understanding of the seminar’s content. The biggest difference from my previous formation in race car dynamics was the practical insight that only a person with Claude’s experience can give.”

    Diego Baptista, Oxford Brookes University

  • “The content was very intense, and very useful. Everything that was discussed was very beneficial, and Claude did a great job of breaking up the seminar and keeping the atmosphere very upbeat and fun to be in. The graphs, data and examples were fascinating and an awesome resource.”

    Keaton Hilby, Wisconsin Racing