We are in the process of restructuring our webinars and should be relaunching soon. The course will include 16 hours of online training and exercises. The webinars will be prerecorded so you can watch them at your convenience. If you want to be notified when they are available, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

OptimumG webinars are typically comprised of two, two-hour sessions filled with case studies and practical examples to directly apply your vehicle dynamics knowledge. Below we’ve included highlights of recent webinars for your reference. If you are interested in purchasing a webinar, please contact us.

  • Kinematics Concept & Design

    The kinematic design of a suspension has a big impact on a suspension’s and a car’s performance. This webinar will present a workflow for designing suspension kinematics from scratch. It will also cover valuable methods and tools that will allow you to extract maximum performance from an existing design. The examples will primarily cover double A-arm suspensions, and also discuss McPherson and live axles.

    - The purpose of the suspension
    - The most important suspension parameters
    - Designing a suspension from scratch in 10 steps
    - Improving a suspension setup
    - Track side tools and methods for kinematics
    - Common mistakes in suspension design

  • Simulation & Race Preparation

    Preparation is the one thing winning race teams have in common. This webinar will present workflows that will assist you and your team to efficiently prepare for your next race. Throughout the years, OptimumG has developed methods that help race teams prepare and remove the guesswork in engineering a racecar. A large part of this webinar will focus on how simple simulation tools can be used to better understand cars, tracks, and competitors, allowing you to focus your resources on what will give you the best chance of winning.

    - Preparation in motorsports
    - Pre-season/Pre-event analysis
    - Vehicle Data
    - Simulation: Setup prediction
    - Simulation: Strategy prediction
    - Information management and documentation

  • Springs & Dampers

    Few components on a car are as simple as springs, yet they have a major impact on the handling and balance of a car. The first part of this webinar will present a workflow for selecting springs and anti-roll bars along with the necessary compromises. The second part will focus on deciding on damping forces to match the car and driver’s needs. The theory of how springs and dampers affect handling will be reviewed. Using the theory, the webinar discusses approaches for how to adjust springs, anti-roll bars, and dampers to improve performance and tune car balance.

    - The purpose of the springs and dampers
    - How springs, ARBs and dampers affect a car’s balance
    - Selecting springs & anti-roll bars – the trade-offs
    - Selecting dampers and damper curves
    - Tuning springs and dampers at the track

  • Applied Data Acquisition

    Working with race car data can be a daunting task, and this webinar provides the perfect opportunity to learn how to make better use of your data acquisition system. Learn how to collect accurate and useful data and how to quickly analyze data in order to make the most informed decision about car setup and driver style in the matter of seconds. Understand OptimumG’s data analysis methods that are used in top-tier racing, and thanks to examples and case studies, learn to apply it to your own data.

    - DAQ Hardware Basics
    - The 18 step DAQ workflow
    - Useful visualization and run charts
    - Automated analysis and KPIs
    - 20 ways to measure car/driver performance


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Further information

Webinars are an ongoing effort to provide continued education for graduates of our Vehicle Dynamics and Data Acquisition Seminars and professionals within the automotive community.

Content is based on feedback from seminar participants, our experience on-track and testing, along with suggestions emailed to us throughout the year. The beauty of webinars is that many people can attend on each connection and the connection can be from your office, home, or where ever you may be in the world (no need for travel expenses!).

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